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"Living the dream" Let's do this together!

Coaching is a forward-thinking process.

Living our dream requires us to be supported by our tribe and group coaching is a beautiful way to be supported in living our dreams.

Coaching is a forward-thinking process. Let re-inventing your life be a question of "what's next" rather than "what's wrong." 

So, what is next? It's time to start being unapologetically yourself and become the person you have always wanted to be. If you could have everything you wanted in life, wouldn't you choose that? Contact me to be heard and get the conversation started. 

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My graduation was today and it was a perfect day. I got a great freelance job that pays and gives me flexibility, Jay and I are getting along, I’m taking a trip to Ireland in July as a reward to myself, I’ve been exercising, and things are just great in general. Thank you so much for your guidance through some of the toughest parts of the journey! It paid off and then some!!!
— Coaching Client



We all have a story. A tale that shares the adventures that lead us to where we are. The struggles that shaped our very being and the hope that keeps us going. “Hearts Shifting on Whidbey Island” are real-life stories of human connections; how they came to Whidbey, what makes them love, find joy, grow with the island and how their hearts shifted since landing here. Listen in as we hear these stories of love, loss and triumph, while creating deeper connection with the Whidbey community.



Jennifer Lovely is a Leadership Coach, ICF Personal & Professional Life Coach, A Business Owner of The Studio on Whidbey Island, Certified Yoga/Pilates Teacher & Private Coaching Practice. She currently shares her time between Whidbey Island & Orange County, CA. She is passionate about supporting people to create the lives they want to live, and living in her purpose and passion.


"Being" before "Doing"

As an ontologically-trained coach, my work focuses on “being” before “doing.” What might you accomplish if what you do is supported by who you are? Sounds very simple, doesn’t it? I invite you to take a look and let me help.

What do you yearn for? Do you fear your power? Do you want more joy? More play? More passion? How often do you find yourself at odds with what you do for a living, or the choices you feel forced to make socially? With family? With friends? I will help you breakthrough!

What do you yearn for? Do you fear your power? Do you want more joy? More play? More passion? How often do you find yourself at odds with what you do for a living, or the choices you feel forced to make socially? With family? With friends? I will help you breakthrough!


1:1 Coaching is a partnership. In this process, you are the expert on you and your life. As such, you decide what we are here for and where we want to end up. In return, Jennifer helps you tap into your innate intuition to bring out all of the brilliance, power, and clarity that is already inside of you. A life by your design is at your fingertips. Our work is in eliminating the stops and stocks that are getting in your way.

  • Coaching completely custom to you (this is not a one-size-fits-all approach)

  • 3 months (9-13 sessions) and 6 months (24-26 sessions)

  • Ontological Leadership Development

  • Tools, Technique, and Training to lead authentically

  • Weekly structures and accountability

  • High touch engagement and ongoing support via personal access to Jennifer

Areas we are will focus:

  • Importance of Personal responsibility

  • Creating your future from Being in Power

  • Leadership in your personal life, and career life

  • Relationships


From group sessions, team building workshops to one off motivational conversations, Jennifer Lovely offers an array of coaching services and settings to meet the needs of all individuals.


Monthly rate — This can be setup on a couple to couple basis. Options are all sessions are with both persons or can be combined with one on one coaching with a number of couple sessions in the month or monthly.


Monthly rate —  This can be setup to be ran minimum 2 sessions a month and up to 4 sessions a month. Hourly sessions or longer. Rate will be tailored based on client needs.


Variable hourly rate — This provides participants with powerful tools to apply towards the projects in their lives. These workshops can be tailored for specific audiences and thus the variable rate will reflect the tailoring. 


Variable hourly rate — which would be an abbreviated version of the full-day workshop described above and the variable rate will reflect the tailoring.


$150 - $250 hourly rate — The rate includes disbursements and all materials used. Depending on length and topics to be covered rate will vary in the range stated. Also includes complimentary sessions for each attendant.


$125/hour — This can cover a range of topics. Usually are longer than the above lunch and learns. Typical are 60-90 minutes in length. Covering topics with groups, brainstorming and facilitative conversations.


$175 Flat Fee - This is a 90 minute session in which you will experience the power and value of coaching and what it can bring to your life.  

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Mastermind Group

$150 a month - 5-6 different

Industries meet 1x a month

3.5 hours with a monthly agenda

Project Plan (what do you

want to create) "What by When"

with measurable goals.

Weekly zoom call 35 minutes

Well-Being Excersises

Everyone brings a referral


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